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1-2 paragraph discussion board

1-2 paragraph discussion board.

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Week 2, Lesson 4, gave you some guidelines on how to get started in choosing a topic for your research essay. For this DB, share the narrowed topic you plan to research for the final project this semester. Remember– your research essay must be argumentative! Avoid a topic that is simply informative, and look for the controversy in your area of interest. You may find it helpful to consider the stasis questions to help you think about the various argumentative approaches you could take on your topic. Do this before you make your final selection. If you didn’t catch the videos from Week 2…there’s no time like the present to give them a look!

In your post, try to be as specific as possible about what you want to research and what you hope to accomplish with your project. Include questions you’d like to answer through your research, but avoid making specific claims on your topic. Remember— the early stages of research are all about discovery! You should not yet know what claims you will make about your topic.

1-2 paragraph discussion board