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10 pages reflection paper

10 pages reflection paper.

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In the paper you will reflect on three topics covered in the course. For each topic you will explore one or two theories related to the topic in-depth (you can use articles and resources from the library or other sources in addition to the course text). You will also apply the theories to examine your own strengths and blind-spots. How can you better understand yourself and how you relate to and work with others through this examination?Using the assessment tools in Revel and course materials and feedback from others you will discuss (using the first person) what you have learned about yourself. For example, what have you learned about your personality and how it impacts on how you work in teams? What have you learned about your own leadership style, approach to conflict, communications or multi-cultural awareness? How have you tried to apply what you are learning to be more effective in your interactions with others at School, at work or at home?

10 pages reflection paper