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2000 words report

2000 words report.

I don’t understand this Business question and need help to study.

•For the same company considered in Part A(the company is Exeter International airport), you are required to evaluate against theory and best practice, how it may be affected by and how they manage one of the following current business issues covered in the unit:

–Innovation and creativity

。You are required to do this by evaluating the management of their business issue practices against theory and best practice by:

a)ldentifying at least 3 course concepts that can be used to evaluate the management of your company’s business issue practices.lllustrate these course concepts using contemporary examples(these examples can be linked to ANY company-i.e.not just your chosen company)and critically evaluate the chosen course concepts. I’ve attached the course materials below.

b) Evaluating the management of your company’s business issue practices using the course concepts that you have identified.

•You are to research the company using secondary sources and to make justified conclusions and recommendations based on the issues evaluated.

•The report should be approximately 2,000 words in length and must involve a review of academic theory on the issues covered
•The use of any other company than that used in Assignment A will NOT be marked and a fail will be recorded.

•The Assessment Criteria and the Marking Grid are similar to that of Assignment A’s except that instead of Environmental Sustainability you are now evaluating the following business issue:

–Innovation and creativity

The outline should be:

Exeter International Airport

1.0 Introduction (don’t write too many background information)

2.0 Business Issure Theoretical Review (The examples should included in this part,you have to have at least 3 examples, and the examples must happen in recent two years)

2.1 concept 1

2.2 concept 2

2.3 concept 3

3.0 Evaluation of organisation’s business issue

3.1 Evaluation of Strategic Relevance of Business Issue

3.2 Evaluation of Organisation’s Practices(conceptl)

3.3 Evaluation of Organisation’s Practices(concept 2)

3.4 Evaluation of Organisation’s Practices(concept 3)

4.0 conclusion

5.0 recommendations


I’ve attached the grading sheet, you must follow the guidelines in grading sheet. I’ve also attached the workshop about how to write this kind of report.

2000 words report