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5306 – discussion 4

5306 – discussion 4.

Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

Discussion Post Instructions: In discussion posts, I expect you to put the concepts into your own works, not simply quote from your textbook or quote from another source. I do, however, encourage you to look for and bring in other sources! Respond to the following questions with a 200+ word reply per question, in your own words. These are to be substantive responses demonstrating thoughtfulness and effort. Please number your answers to correspond with each question.

Preview the below video and have the below discussions.

Community characteristics

1. Identify and describe the community. Where is the community located? Describe a social issue/need in the community affecting a target population.

2. identify and describe at least two community strengths that will assist with the intervention of the root of the issue/problem?

5306 – discussion 4