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8 Page research Analysis Assignment

8 Page research Analysis Assignment.

I’m trying to study for my Statistics course and I need some help to understand this question.

If you are NOT familiar with IBM SPSS software. Therefore, I prefer someone who have used the IBM SPSS software before.

You need to be familiar with terms like cross-tabulation, linear regression, Descriptive Statistics,Comparison of means . Chi-square and Sommers’ D.etc,

Research Order

Introduction( state reason why you’re searching your topic, hypothesis or hypotheses)

Explain your methodological approach Quantitative methods for this paper

Valid research requires a carefully designed study with a representative sample and controlled variables that can be replicated by other researchers.

Step 2: Describe your methods of data collection

Step 3: Describe your methods of analysis

Step 4: Evaluate and justify your methodological choices

Step 5: Analyze and conclusion

Short Analysis Paper: You will also be required to conduct a short quantitative analysis on a topic of your choice. The paper will be about 8-10 pages in length and will be used to demonstrate your competence in the application of the skills you have developed throughout the course, including the presentation of a theoretical question, development of hypotheses, testing the hypotheses with quantitative data, and presentation of results, and interpretation of the results. Your grade will be based on your abilities in these areas. This paper is worth 26 points.

You can download SPSS for free.

The datasets you will be using will depend on the topic of your choice.

I downloaded it the other day on my home laptop, and it was fairly easy I would suggest trying to download it this week so you are ready to go and have time to troubleshoot if necessary before our first “lab.” Here is where you can do so, and with some additional information in case you run into trouble:

IBM SPSS 26 can be downloaded here (trial version) –

Instruction on entering license authorization code (this was not necessary for my download, but just in case):

Temporary license authorization code (–again, just in case but was not needed for me—expires May 31, 2020): 4e28d74e24b94605993c

Question 10. A required element of this assignment is to upload your SPSS Output, including pertinent tables and graphs that you used to conduct your analysis described above. Make sure to ONLY include the pertinent output so the reader can easily follow this document as they read your answers to the previous questions. Labeling tables with numbers can be useful hear, and you may refer to those numbers in your answers if you wish to do so.

Please provide the output in a Word, PDF, RTF or an edited to include only the pertinent material SPSS file.

Question 9- Write a brief (at most 6 line) conclusion of your results. List the analyses used to come to this conclusion. And, provide a sentence of the substantive impact of the relationship (or null finding) by describing what the results mean for your understanding of your chosen topic.

Question 8 Conduct a regression analysis that includes your independent variable as well as at least two control variables.

Does the hypothesis hold even after controlling for at least two other variables at the same time in the regression analysis?

What other variables are related to the dependent variable


  1. What other variables do you need to control for?Conduct a basic controlled comparison (cross-tabs, comparison of means, correlation).Report the results of that controlled comparison paying specific attention to whether there was a spurious, interactive, or additive relationship. Describe in words and numbers your findings.

Question 6 -Run the appropriate bivariate analysis in SPSS.

What does the bivariate analysis tell you about the hypothesis?

Is there a relationship? (Describe with numbers and words).

Is it statistically significant? (Describe both p-value and/or confidence interval approach where applicable).


  1. What is the appropriate bivariate analysis? Is it comparison of means, cross-tabs, correlation analysis? Remember, this is just a way for you to properly set up the test of the initial hypothesis relating two variables. (Tip: If there are several variables in the data set that measure a concept, you can choose one that makes the most sense in terms of the bivariate analysis. For instance, you might have both income in dollars and a three category income variable. The latter might be most straightforward if income is your IV and the DV is only available as a categorical variable)
  2. Question 4 What is the level of measurement for your Independent and your Dependent Variable?
  3. Question 3 What variables will you use to measure your concepts? To determine the appropriate variables, take a look at the data sets, and the Appendix of the lab book, to determine the variables that might most closely measure the concepts you think are related based on your theory. The variables may not be perfect, but the idea is to demonstrate the process of analysis for this assignment, so reasonably valid measures are fine. Please clearly state the variables for the following in real words (ie. education level), as well as the name SPSS uses in the dataset (ie. educ_3). You should use the real words when describing your findings.Please list the following:The Independent Variable and The Dependent Variable
  4. Question 2: What is the unit of analysis (individuals, states, countries) that will be the basis for your analysis? And, what data set will you be using (GSS, NES, States or World)?
  5. Question 1- Describe (in a 3-5 line paragraph), a theoretical explanation or theory. What is the relationship you seek to test and what is the causal mechanism linking the two concepts (cause and effect)? This is your overall topic. You do not need to provide citations, but make a clear statement of the relationship you are testing and why you think there might be a relationship

Number 1- 10 is checklist that you will need to answer in order to complete the assignment his assignment asks you to conduct your own empirical analysis of a theoretical question. In general, you will be coming up with a theory, deriving a hypothesis to test the theory, and then conducting the appropriate analyses to test the hypothesis. All of these are simply applying the tools you have developed in this class to a real research question.

For your variables, you will be using ONE of the SPSS datasets of your choosing (and it likely depends on the topic you wish to pursue). So, no need to seek outside data. The trade-off is that there are some limits in terms of what variables are available.

Your grade for the analysis will be based on your ability to address the questions in this assignment related to your research and analysis, conduct the appropriate analyses, and interpret the results.

8 Page research Analysis Assignment