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800 words of a design statement

800 words of a design statement.

I’m studying and need help with a Art & Design question to help me learn.

Write a one page (no less than 800 words) abstract/statement describing: a) motivation, b) researched context (include relevant information of your topic: statistics, relevance of the problem for our society, current developments to solve the issue, etc), and c) concept of execution (describe how you translate that topic into a game, key design decisions such as final message and visual design, and main technical design such as classes and objects used, user interaction, etc). Include bibliography for sources using MLA format. Avoid using urls and find academic publications, books or other reliable sources. The quality of the writing should be high and ready to be included in your portfolio or submitted for research journals or creative exhibitions. It is recommended that you visit the UC Davis Writing Center, if you need assistance.

800 words of a design statement