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Accident ResearchAircraft Maintenance/Repair/Alteration Issues

Accident ResearchAircraft Maintenance/Repair/Alteration Issues.

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This case study explores aircraft maintenance, inspection, repair, or alteration flaws, often involving errors or faulty assumptions during the maintenance process. As you study and research the accident you chose, be sensitive to discover what the flaws, errors and faulty assumptions were.

Again, this site and its database hold a wealth of data and useful information pertaining to these case study analyses of this course. Use this case study to become acquainted with the information and resource layout on this excellent website. Graphics, actual documents, and final accident reports are all included in the accidents provided in this database, which makes it a great starting point. Try to be as specific as you can while expressing your analysis in your own words, so try to limit your use of jargon.

Note: The links provided herein should serve as a starting point for your research and are not intended to be the only stop to your detailed analysis. You are encouraged to review the final accident report and other records and other sources, too (i.e., the Hunt Library).

You will analyze this case study in terms of mechanical and structural factors and provide a technical report which analyzes this accident case study (usually five or more pages including a title page and reference page). This written assignment will be formatted as a research paper, using Times New Roman, 12-point font and double-spacing between lines of text. All sources should be cited using the American Psychological Association (APA) current edition style and format. Papers must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. See the Case Study Guidance page for additional information on how to format your Case Study.

Accident ResearchAircraft Maintenance/Repair/Alteration Issues