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after the post, I need two replies to two different students please

after the post, I need two replies to two different students please.

I need an explanation for this Psychology question to help me study.

Week 3 Discussion – Observing Children at Play – Discussion Group 2

From CDE 101

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In the readings this week, we examined the process of observing children’s learning and development, including the role of the teacher in planning learning experiences for the “whole child”. In this week’s discussion, we will apply principles from the readings to observations of teachers and children working and playing together.

Please watch both of the videos posted below. After watching the videos, select one of the videos, and address the three questions below.

Video 1: Making the treasure bucket safe (Running time: 3 min. 55 sec.)

Video 2: Setting up the polar ice habitat (Running time: 4 min. 39 sec.)

Part 1: Select one short scene from one of the videos that interests you. First, note the time frame of the scene you selected, (i.e. Video 1 from 1:29 to 2:08). Then, using the information from our first reading this week, (Basics of Observing), write a short anecdotal note describing the activity or interaction.

Part 2: Think about the learning and development that is happening for the children in the video you selected. Review the second reading this week, The Whole Child. What are two domains of development that are being addressed for children in the video, (for example, Language and Literacy Development, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, etc.)? Explain how the activities you documented are fostering development across multiple domains.

Part 3: Reviewing the final two readings this week on Play, how would you categorize the Type of Play that you observed? Why? Did you find that the teacher effectively guided the play? What could the teacher do to enhance the learning opportunity and/or engagement of the children in this activity?

How to participate in the discussion:

  • To make your first post, please use the “Reply” button below. You will be able to see the posts of your classmates after you have made the first post.
  • Your original post should be three paragraphs long; (one paragraph for each part of the prompt).
  • The initial post is due by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, and responses to at least two classmates are due by Monday at 11:59 p.m. For full credit, you must post on two separate days within the week.
  • At least one of your responses should be to a student who selected a different video to analyze. Responses to classmates that are limited to “Good Job” comments will not receive credit. Your responses to classmates can offer additional information, present a different perspective, include material from a new resource, etc. Discussions will be graded according to the rubric found on pages 5 of the syllabus.

after the post, I need two replies to two different students please