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An Essay about Team experience

An Essay about Team experience.

I’m trying to study for my Marketing course and I need some help to understand this question.

Team experience :What you’ve learned about working on a team and as a team, issues you encountered and how you addressed them, which course goals your team helped you achieve, etc.

Need a essay around 700 words. I will provided some detail about my team situation after you accept it.


The paper itself should be 700-800 words, 1 inch margins, 12 point

font, double line spacing.The limit does not include cover and reference

pages, executive summary, interview transcript or summary and

appendices, which you are free to use to provide charts, figures, or

other background material not necessary in the main body of your

analysis. However, appendices that are not directly referenced in the

main text will not be read.

this is the part of my team project and my part is about team experience

we have 5 people in this group. two girls and three boys

Because the other two men in the group need to go to work during their lives, they usually have no way to participate in the zoom class. So the group discussion during the class was me and the two girls. Our group has some problems. For example, there is not enough communication between everyone. But emily and ashley actively contacted everyone, and created a group in the snap app to let everyone communicate.

and you can “make up” some team problems if you need it.

An Essay about Team experience