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Analyzing and Visualizing Data – Residency Session

Analyzing and Visualizing Data – Residency Session.

I don’t know how to handle this Computer Science question and need guidance.

Topic: Visits to Physician Office

Review the data scientist resume sample provided in this folder. Select and discuss 2 components of the data scientist resume that relates to your future or current job.

Section 1: Discuss Topic Background (Citations are required)

Section 2: Data Analysis (R Studio – R language – Library: mosaic)

•Describe the fields of the dataset. •Discuss the Min, Max, Median, and Mean of the continuous fields. •Discuss any missing data elements.

Section 3: Data Visualizations (R Studio – R language – Library: ggplot2)

•Provided Graphs: Bar Plot, Box Plot, Scatter Plot, and Histogram

•Findings: What story is presented in the visualizations?

Section 4: Discuss Findings (Citations are required)

•Compare (Similar) •Articles that Support Information Section 5: Reference List

•At least 8 References (4 must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles)

Analyzing and Visualizing Data – Residency Session