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Answer the below Market Research Question

Answer the below Market Research Question.

Can you help me understand this Marketing question?

Please answer question. Should be no more than 1 paragraph per answer

Activity 2: Marketing research follows the scientific method. There are some variants to how this process is described. List and describe in your own words, the steps of a scientific process. No need to respond to colleagues. However, you may need to use a reference.

Activity 3: Research begins with a problem or a question. Good research builds off a good question. A good question is NOT:

a) a yes or no question

b) something we already know

c) something that is common sense (my grandmother could tell you that)

Begin to think of a problem and a question that you might want to address in your research study. Write it out and submit it here. Then, respond to two colleagues by critiquing or giving suggestions for their post Please make constructive and substantial comments (not just: Good idea!)

Answer the below Market Research Question