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be specific when answering them


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answer the questions

answer the questions.

I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

1-Benefit limits and duration vary by jurisdiction but each state provides essentially the same three “classes” of benefits. What are those benefits?

2-Medical benefits under workers compensation usually have large deductibles.

The medical bill generally go to the injured worker with the worker forwarding the bills to the insurance company,.

In Missouri, the injured workers must see the doctor that the company chooses.

If the employee is unable to return to work with his previous employer due to the unavailability of an accommodating position or the inability to offer a job to accommodate the employee’s limitations then what is done with the worker?

7-Travel expenses are generally allowed for the injured worker to travel to and from the doctor.

Medical payments and lost wages are the same benefit.

Disability/indemnity benefits are subject to what?

10-Injury severity is classified as two types what are they?

11-What is temporary Partial disability?

12-Define temporary total disability.

Missouri pays temporary total disability benefits for how long?

What is the definition of permanent partial disability?

Missouri pays for permanent partial disability based on a number of weeks that are determined by what body part is injured.

Permanent total disability is defined as an injury that will last no longer than one calendar year.

17-Weekly disability benefits are subject to state, local and federal tax.

18-Maximum disability benefits are based on what?

19-What is SAWW and what percentage is applied to it?

20-What are some of the consequences for an employee hurt as a result of alcohol or drug use?

answer the questions