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AOJ 200: Actus Reas and Volunariness

AOJ 200: Actus Reas and Volunariness.

I’m working on a Law exercise and need support.

** Total work should be around 300 – 400 word count**

**will provide the ebook link with login information when connected with a tutor**

Read “You Decide 4.2” on page 79 (78 in the 4th edition) of your textbook.

watch the video:

Then answer the question at the end of 4.2, “Do you agree with the court?”

You won’t be able to see any other posts until you post your first time. Then you’ll be able to read other students’ posts.

After posting your answer, read my post. My post contains the main argument of the appellate court when they ruled in this case. Did your opinion match that of the appellate court?

AOJ 200: Actus Reas and Volunariness