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APA format, 350 words +, Government

APA format, 350 words +, Government.

I don’t know how to handle this Political Science question and need guidance.

Presidents play many roles. Using a news article from the last eight weeks, demonstrate which is most important and why.

Rubric is attached

Respond 200 words +

The president of the United States has many important roles. National security, domestic policy, foreign policy, and more. The level of importance of each role is fluid as it depends on the current happenings in the country and in the world.

In our textbook, American Government, there is a line portion that felt very relevant to the current worldwide pandemic: “What often shapes a president’s performance, reputation, and ultimately legacy depends on circumstances that are largely out of his or her control. Did the president prevail in a landslide or was it a closely contested election? Did he or she come to office as the result of death, assassination, or resignation?” This stuck out to me because right now one of the most important roles of the president it to relay accurate and timely information. Last week President Trump suggested injecting cleaning products in order to cure the coronavirus. He later explained that he was being sarcastic. This is absolutely reprehensible as he is not in a position to be sarcastic or joke about a situation where people will may be desperate to grasp to any solutions/cures. According to the New York Times, “the president’s comments, at a White House briefing last week, have already prompted widespread incredulity, warnings from health experts and a spike in calls to poison control centers around the country. The makers of Clorox and Lysol urged Americans not to inject or ingest their products.” The president of the United States should be a credible source! The president has an astronomical impact. People watch his press conferences for guidance and clarification in an uncertain time. Credible, accurate, safe information is what should be presented.

Respond 200 words +

Good Evening Professor C/Class,

I decided to post on the roles and responsibilities of the President as week 4 is centered on the Presidency. The President is certainly attached to many roles that are manifested through imperative responsibilities, tasks, and duties to execute decisions that affect the United States as a whole. The term “chief” is mentioned in every title of the President’s many roles: Chief Citizen, Chief of State, Chief Diplomat, Chief Legislator, Chief Executive, Chief Administrator, Commander-in-Chief and Party Chief. What does this mean? The President is the head leader in multiple various areas of government who holds significant power (with limitations to balance) to succeed decisions as stated in the Constitution. The President is designated to speak and lead for the people, he/she is responsible for executing the laws pushed by Congress, enforcing those laws, having exclusive direct power to the military, determines involvement diplomatically with other countries and leading political parties.

With the COVID19 pandemic taking place for the last couple of months it is very clear the President’s movement has been watched with many mixed reviews and emotions. I do not think one role of the President’s is more or less important than the other. Each role has a heavyweight with a significant amount of pressure between himself, decision making, the public, Congress, the government, political parties, and most importantly the people of the United States. But for our post-discussion, I believe the President’s role as Chief Legislator is highly recognized during this time as he is working strategically with Congress to pass budgets to support United States during COVID19. Millions of people have lost their jobs, businesses have shut down and there is a shortage of medical equipment/PPE to name a few. One article suggests that President Trump is the right individual for this current job and situation “Today, within a week of recognizing the crisis, Congress is working on multiple bills that amount to over $2 trillion in the form of direct checks to Americans, interest-free, forgivable loans to small businesses provided they do not fire their workers, and bailouts for decimated airline, hospitality, and other industries” (Karabell, 2020). He has been scrutinized and criticized for waiting too long to address the COVI19 before the spread, for not having a detailed well thought out health plan and heresy of demonstrating the lack of administration skills. Yet he has displayed the actions of working with Congress to pass bills and budgets to financially supporting those in need during COVID19. “And, now, the newly scared Trump is prepared to do what he does best: spend gobs and gobs of money” (Karabell, 2019).

Thank you!

Jairus McCain


Karabell, Zachary (2020). Politico Magazine: Trump Is Actually the President We Need Right Now. Retrieved: (n.d). Our government: Th Executive branch. Retrieved from:

APA format, 350 words +, Government