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APA Referencing Assignment

APA Referencing Assignment.

Can you help me understand this English question?

The purpose of this assignment is to find and identify different types of academic

texts. You will be asked to think critically about what you have found. It will also

give you practice in the use of APA format.



Find the following items online, and provide full documentation of each source in

APA format. You will have learned extensively about APA referencing in your

Academic Integrity Module. You should refer to those referencing guides to help

you complete this assignment.

The first thing you must do is to choose any famous historical figure whose first

name begins with the same letter as your own. Once you have chosen this person,

do the following:

1. Find a book about this person. (A book about a person is not a book by

that person.)

● Use Novanet

● You must choose “Subject” in the Novanet drop-down menu.

● Give full documentation in APA format.

2. Find an article in a scholarly journal about this person or his or her


● Use EBSCO and limit your search to “scholarly peer reviewed


● Give full documentation in APA format.

3. Find an article in a magazine or trade journal about this person or their

field of study

● Use EBSCO and select “trade publications” and “magazines” as

your source types

● Give full documentation in APA format.

4. Find a news website article about this person

● Give the citation in APA format,

5. Find a scholarly website containing information related to the life or

work of the famous figure you have chosen.

● Give the citation in APA format.

6. Find an unreliable source that is not Wikipedia about this person. To

determine the reliability, use the CRAAP test you learned about in the

Academic Integrity module. This could be a commercial website, a site

that uses biased or emotional language, or a blog.

● Give the citation in APA format.

After finding those sources, answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference in writing style and organization between a

peer review journal article and a magazine or trade journal?


2. Does your news source seem trustworthy, biased and/or

sensationalized? Why or why not?

3. Write a paragraph explaining the reasons why your unreliable

source is untrustworthy.

APA Referencing Assignment