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Assignment 1: Focused Summary

Assignment 1: Focused Summary.

I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study.

500 words.

Write a commentary on one of the main concepts or themes discussed in the study guide and/or the readings for Unit 1. Describe and explain the concept, providing your own examples/illustrations (either historic or contemporary) and suggesting connections with any other main concepts or themes.

As well, discuss how your topic relates to communication technologies with which you are familiar today: what does the concept help to explain about your own experiences or observations about communication technologies and processes in your society?

Your answer should be clearly written and edited, making it clear to your tutor that you have read, understood, and thought about the topic. You will be marked on the quality of your analysis, assessment, and creativity, as well as on your expression. Some examples are given below, but you may choose one of your own, as long as you discuss your choice with your tutor before you begin writing.

  1. Both Marshack and Franklin are concerned about the correlation between what is true and what is useful. What is the difference? Or is there one?
  2. Does the distinction between time-biased media and space-biased media help us understand how societies organize knowledge and societies? How do certain “biases” of technologies affect the way in which we think about and organize society today?
  3. What connections does Havelock make among alphabetic literacy, rational thought, and democracy? Do you agree with him?
  4. What is the relationship between Innis’ space-biased technologies and Franklin’s prescriptive technologies? How does Franklin connect prescriptive technologies with a culture of compliance?
  5. Explain technological determinism and its relationship to reification (define reification). Was Innis, or any other writer discussed in this unit, a determinist? Do you detect determinist thinking about technologies in news and discussions today?

Proofread your essay carefully before submitting it. When you have completed your essay, submit it to your tutor for marking and feedback, using this assignment drop box.

Assignment 1: Focused Summary