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Assignment #4: ROUGH DRAFT (Continued)

Assignment #4: ROUGH DRAFT (Continued).

I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.

Assignment #4: ROUGH DRAFT

For Upper Division Writing, you are required to submit a completed rough draft with all the required elements. You are also required to make the changes recommended on your rough draft for your final paper.

Cover page
I have already provided the requirements for the cover page

Paper title
It is very important to have a pertinent paper title
Study your current outline and come up with a paper title that aptly
describes the objectives of your paper

This is the first item that we will read.
A strong, well written abstract is therefore an excellent starting point.
The abstract should cover the following
What is this paper about?
What is the research question or questions?
What are the main findings?
The abstract should be between 250-300 words.
It should be single spaced
After writing the abstract choose 3-5 key words that you think are important and place them directly below the abstract

This will follow after the Abstract

The introduction should be 2-3 paragraphs.
It should begin with both explaining and examining the larger sociological area within the framework of the Seminar section of this class.
Ex Religion and Immigration, Religion and Family , Religion Immigration and Sacred place making, Religion and Gender and Sexuality, Religion, Women and Sacred Home Environments and so on. The first paragraph of the introduction then should build on the sociological frame. and context

Paragraph 2 and 3 should focus on the specific research question/s being
It should layout why these are important to pursue?
Here it is important to provide a road map for the reader highlighting
the main issues that will be developed and analyzed in the paper

The Rough Draft requires you to complete all sections of the paper.

Today I want to focus on the Analysis section of your paper .
This is the main section. This is where you show your sociological
thinking, imagination, research and writing ability. This is where you
make your contribution. This is also the longest section. Organization
is very important here. Ideally you should organize this section around
3-4 themes. Two is usually too little and five is too much. However,
depending on the topic, I have allowed exceptions to this general rule
Each of these major themes should be broken down into sub themes. Again,
try to focus on 2-3 sub themes.

The outline you created for Assignment 3 should be very helpful in
writing the Analysis Please do not feel limited however, by the outline
you submitted this week . By the time you get to week 9 and 10 you would
have read more, thought more and thus would know more on your topic. So
your final analysis will be a better and much improved version of what
you know today. Progress and maturation in thinking and writing is very

Ideally you should be able to write approximately 3 pages on each theme
of your analysis section. This would include all the sub themes. So
total # of pages for the analysis part is approximately 9 pages .
When you use a long quote, that is, anything longer than one sentence
you must indent from both sides of the margin and also use single space
The rest of the paper remains double spaced.

Please use ASA format for your citation. This is important for both in text citations as well as for block quotes.

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Assignment #4: ROUGH DRAFT (Continued)