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Astronomy: Solar System Exam

Astronomy: Solar System Exam.

Help me study for my Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Need help on my 42 question Astronomy exam on the solar system.

Time limit for the exam is 70 minutes.

The last two questions will be essay questions with a minimum of 2 paragraphs each.

Do not copy or paste from the internet or other sources as for the professor will count it as cheating.

I will provide my log in information for the test once the tutor has been selected.

This unit is based on Venus and Mars.

The questions are easy and all the way to question 41 are all multiple choice.(level of difficulty: Very Easy)

Some things to know are:

  • Know the general characteristics of the Moon and Mercury.
  • Understand how Mercury’s lack of atmosphere affects its surface temperature.
  • Be able to explain how the Moon was formed.
  • Understand the origin and appearance of the surfaces of Mercury and the Moon.
  • Be able to identify the differences between Mercury and the Moon.
  • Be able to explain the appearance the surface of both Venus and Mars.
  • Understand the atmosphere on Venus.
  • Be able to describe the history of water on Mars, and how that was influenced by its atmosphere and magnetic field.
  • Understand the importance of the scientific missions to Venus and Mars.
  • Be able to explain the origins of the light we receive from the Sun.
  • Understand the proton-proton chain process of Hydrogen fusion.
  • Be able to describe the various layers of the Sun, including their temperature, order, and what happens in each layer.
  • Understand the impact that the Sun has on life on Earth beyond the light we receive.
  • Be able to discuss the formation of Earth.
  • Understand the origin and evolution of Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Understand how both plate tectonics and surface water make Earth unique.
  • Identify the two main types of volcanoes: shield and composite.
  • Know the effect of carbon dioxide and humanity on the climate of our planet.

Astronomy: Solar System Exam