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Automation in Transmission and Distribution

Automation in Transmission and Distribution.

Can you help me understand this Engineering question?

Answer the Three Questions below, each question as its own paper. I have uploaded three papers lean on them for each question.

Question 1: (660 words)

Davood, M. .S. et al., (2016), in their paper ‘An Overview of Automation in Distribution Systems’ argue that distribution system automation has many advantages and benefits to promise to the utility companies. But at the same time many technical challenges are still hurdles in bringing the full benefits of distribution automation to the stakeholders. Based on your critical review of the cited paper:

(a) Enumerate the Technical Challenges of the Conventional Distribution Automation Systems.

(b) Evaluate the appropriateness of the New Technological Capabilities listed by the authors for realizing an advanced version of Distribution Automation.

(c) Assess the strengths and weakness of the authors’ arguments presented in the paper, around the Communication

Question 2: (660 words)

(a) What is an islanding mode of operation for a Distributed Generation unit in a power system?

(b) With neat schematic diagrams, explain in brief at least 3 challenges posed by Distributed Generation in Feeder protection schemes.

(c) Interconnection Protection is implemented to avoid operation of Distributed Generation units in islanding mode.

-List the types of protection elements used in such scheme.

-Explain in brief at least 2 challenges in using the protection elements in Interconnection Protection.

Question 3: (660 words)

Based on your review of the work published by Richard, G. et al.,(2011), in their paper ‘Distribution Automation Systems With Advanced Features’, answer the following questions.

(a) Discuss the main Control Objectives and supporting functions required to achieve these objectives in a wide area distribution automation system.

(b) Evaluate the features attributed by the authors to Loop Schemes in distribution automation.

(c) Automatic feeder reconfiguration is a common strategy adopted in distribution systems. With the help of a simple example/layout, illustrate the role of automation in feeder reconfiguration. Also, list the factors to be considered while reconfiguring a distribution system.

*** Words count = 2000 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I have uploaded three papers.

Automation in Transmission and Distribution