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Aviation meteorology

Aviation meteorology.

I’m trying to learn for my Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

1. (Refer to Figure 8.) Determine the pressure altitude with an indicated altitude of 1,380 feet MSL with an altimeter setting of 28.22 at standard temperature.

2. (Refer to Figure 8.) Determine the density altitude for these conditions:
Altimeter setting 29.25
Runway temperature + 81°F
Airport elevation 5,250 ft MSL

3. (Refer to Figures 32 and 33.) Determine if the airplane weight and balance is within limits.
Front seat occupants 340 lb
Rear seat occupants 295 lb
Fuel (main wing tanks) 44 gal
Baggage 56 lb

4. (Refer to Figure 35.) What is the expected fuel consumption for a 1,000-nautical mile flight under the following conditions?
Pressure altitude 8,000 ft
Temperature 22°C
Manifold pressure 20.8″ Hg
Wind Calm

5. (Refer to Figure 35.) Determine the approximate manifold pressure setting with 2,450 RPM to achieve 65 percent maximum continuous power at 6,500 feet with a temperature of 36°F higher than standard.

6. (Refer to Figure 36.) What is the maximum wind velocity for a 30° crosswind if the maximum crosswind component for the airplane is 12 knots?

Aviation meteorology