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base on the previous assignment to do this exam

base on the previous assignment to do this exam.

Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Assignment: Reader Response Essay TIMED IN-COURSE ESSAY EXAM

Resource: One excerpted section from your self-selected novel (the excerpt you’ll be required to respond to will be randomly assigned from your own pre-submitted Scene NOMINATIONS from earlier in the unit once you begin the actual essay)

Essay Length: 6 full paragraphs (minimum); 2 hours (120 minutes); 900 words (minimum)

Due date: Week 3: Friday, July 3 by 11:55 pm

Points: 20 (Essay category)

Format: In-course text box

Late submissions accepted? No. This essay MUST be submitted in its entirety by the deadline to be considered for credit. Late submissions (and later revision)s of timed in-course essays are not accepted even for partial credit after the initial deadline.

* Please note: The assigned Yonnondio reading this unit is NOT available as a text to write your essay on – you’ll need to research your own book to read and respond to for the unit essay.

The Assignment

Create a 6-paragraph, 900 word (minimum) Reader Response analysis of the section from your novel that is assigned to you once you begin the exam. You will have 2 hours to complete your essay. Please be sure to have studied the full assignment description from earlier in the unit along with the student sample essays and all of the other resources I’ve placed in the unit, including those on in-class / timed essay writing. Those sheets will help you focus on exactly what your task is in this assignment.

Make sure to spend adequate time proofreading for clarity, spelling, and sentence construction. Read your work aloud to yourself in a quiet place – this is a good method of catching mistakes that your eye can easily miss when rereading your draft work silently on the computer screen.

Make sure that your language has been edited so that it does not make any sentence structure errors. Please use the proofreading and editing resources I’ve placed in the Resource Center of the Modules area to help you with the work of eliminating all sentence level errors from your writing before it is submitted to me for evaluation.

Please do not be overly concerned about paragraph and document formatting: since you’ll be typing your essay directly into the submission window here instead of attaching a preformatted document, I am not going to be evaluating your work based on things like line and paragraph spacing, for example. Create fully developed paragraphs using the default formatting settings within Canvas – that’s all I’m looking for here.

Also, please note that you do not need to create a works cited list for this assignment. You will of course still need to be correctly citing and referencing your source texts in the body of your essay, but that’s all. Don’t spend valuable essay writing time building a works cited list this time – I’m testing you on those MLA citation skills in other essays for the course, so there’s no need to show me those skills here.

As you compose your essay, you can (and should) use any and all of the resources within the unit to help you create your essay. You may also use any discussion or other homework writing you’ve created during the unit you think is applicable to the work at hand.

You may use any materials you wish to help you with this exam but all writing that is not cited with appropriate reference and parenthetical information must be your own. Submissions will be filtered for plagiarized language.

Your essay must be a minimum of 6 fully developed paragraphs and 900 words in length, though you may need more than that to accomplish all the goals of this assignment. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam. It cannot be paused once you begin, and it may only be taken once for credit. The essay is worth 20 points and will be factored into your cumulative Essay component score.

Late submissions of this assignment are not permitted. This essay MUST be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered for credit. Late submissions (and later revisions) of timed in-course essays are not accepted even for partial credit after the initial deadline.

The exam tool will close and become unavailable after 11:55 pm on the due date listed above. Please plan on submitting your work a few minutes before the deadline to avoid technical glitches that may prevent timely submission, as you will not be able to save or submit your work if you attempt to post it after the deadline.

I suggest copying your completed essay text and pasting it into a separate word document on your machine before you submit your final work so as to have a back-up copy available should there be any problems with the submission process. Please understand that I do not have the ability to recover partial, unsaved or late work in this exam tool.

For additional explanation on how I evaluate your writing work in this course, please see these sheets from the Grading section of the Resource Center:

Standardized Essay Grading Rubric

Essay Grading Criteria

Essay Rubric Explanation

That’s it. Off you go. Good luck!

Excellent (90-100). Essay is an enlightening, unified, convincing, and original response with larger implications/significance.

  • Assignment Fulfillment: Thoroughly and effectively meets all requirements.
  • Thesis: Makes a clear, complex and enlightening argument about the text(s).
  • Organization: Presents a seamlessly fluid and unified structure that supports a central idea/thesis.
  • Development and Support: Provides logical, original, well-developed, and relevant evidence and analysis.
  • Use of Text and MLA Guidelines: Skillfully integrates relevant textual evidence demonstrating a deep use of the text(s) using proper format and documentation.
  • Sentence Style and Grammar: Demonstrates sentence skill, clarity, and variety with few, if any, grammatical or proofreading errors.

base on the previous assignment to do this exam