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Base on the requirement, finish the essay.

Base on the requirement, finish the essay..

I don’t understand this Science question and need help to study.

1.Consider the article that you presented for the article presentation.

2. Consider an article (any article presented by a classmate(s)) that relates to all, or an aspect, of your article).

3. Summarize the results for each article. Focus on the results that best present the relationship that you identified between the two articles.

4. Specifically state and explain the relationship between the two articles that you chose,.

5. How might you use the information from these articles to inform your practice as a gerontologist?

6. What is the next step to better understanding the relationship/information in these two articles.

Assignment Parameters: maximum 2 pages with 1.5x spacing. May work together, but submit individual assignments (i.e. may discuss similar concepts, but present the work in your own words). Use APA citation forrmat. Cite the 2 articles used in your paper (not part of the 2 page maximum).

Base on the requirement, finish the essay.