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BCIS 1305 Project (computer application)

BCIS 1305 Project (computer application).

I’m trying to study for my Computer Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

Hello, please I need help in my computer application projects Part 1PPTProject:This project includes a PPT presentation based on the topic provided to you by your instructor. Part 2WORDProject:This project is based on Word modules.Part 3EXCELProject:This project is based on Excelmodules.Part 4ACCESSProject: This project is based on Access modules., Access stimulution training questions and Access stimulus questions. Access chapter 3 of 18questions, both the training and the exam (9 questions each). Chapter 4 of 16questions, both the stimulus and the exam (8 questions each). PowerPoint chapter 2: stimulus training and exam composes of 18 questions, 5 stimulution training questions and 13 stimulus exam. Powerpoint chapter 3; stimulation training 13questions and stimulation exam 13questions. I will appreciate an excellent tutor who will do these for me and more information will be given to the tutor.

BCIS 1305 Project (computer application)