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Best practices competitors

Best practices competitors.

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

The department you will write about bridal ,do mobile of Macy’s and competitors too , 4 pages total, more details will on the files, finish the checklist too

  1. 2 pages for Macy’s analysis and 2 pages for the “bestpractice competitor”, inclusive of floor plans and screen shots for ecommerce and mobile. Remember, the competitor(s) for Macy’s does NOT need to be direct competitors. It can be a retailer, brand etc. that exhibits many best practices learned in the classroom (see checklist). For students doing the brick and mortar channel, you may visit any Macy’s that is convenient for you.
  2. Remember, based on the rubric, two of the most important elements to the project will be who you select as “best practice competitors(s)” as well as the 4-5 take-aways that Macy’s should implement, which is NOT included in the 4 page analysis outlined above. The 4-5 take-aways should be powerful enough that if implemented, could attract millennial/Gen Z customers away from the best practice competitor(s).
  3. Please be sure you also include 1 checklist, per student, with Macy’s in one color and the competitor in another. If there is something on the checklist that is not appropriate, i.e. element of surprise, simply indicate N/A.
  4. Bridal team – The departments you should concentrate on are housewares and china/crystal. It will be much easier if the Macy’s store has a true bridal registry set-up, downtown does not. There are GREAT competitors for all platforms.

Best practices competitors