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book report

book report.

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

Autobiography Book Report Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with a current book about entrepreneurs, their thinking, personalities, and leadership styles. This gives you an opportunity to read a book in the popular press, as a class assignment, that explores in depth the entrepreneurial mindset and the practice of entrepreneurship. The assignment also gives you a context in which to reflect your own entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses and how these tendencies might affect you success as an entrepreneur.

Examples of approved autobiographies (If the book you’re interested in reading isn’t listed here, please email me for approval before committing time to the report!):

  • Shoe Dog, by (Nike’s) Phil Knight
  • Miracles Happen, by (Mary Kay’s) Mary Kay Ash
  • Let my People Go Surfing, by (Patagonia’s) Yvon Choiunard
  • Display of Power, by (FUBU’s) Daymond John
  • The HP Way, by (HP’s) David Packard
  • Body and Soul: Profits with Principles, by (Body Shop’s) Anita Roddick
  • Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time, by Howard Schultz
  • Bright Lights, No City: An African Adventure on Bad Roads with a Brother and a Very Weird Business Plan, by Max Alexander
  • The Glitter Plan: How We Started Juicy Couture for $200 and Turned It Into a Global Brand, by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor
  • Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, by Tony Hsieh

Your written report (5 pages) should include the following:

  1. Provide a 1-page overview of the entrepreneur’s story.
  2. Talk about the three or four points made in the book that made the biggest impression on your thinking about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Why were these points important to you? If the entrepreneur’s story is older, do the points you identify still apply to entrepreneurship today?
  3. What were some of the things covered in the book that reinforced some of the lessons you have learned from this class? Please make explicit links to content and concepts covered in the text that demonstrate an accurate grasp of the concepts.
  4. Was there anything covered in the book that contradicted some of the other ideas we have covered in this class? Please explain.
  5. What do you think about this person as an entrepreneur?

Please DO NOT repeat or summarize the story that the book tells; that is not the purpose of this assignment. Instead, your paper has to demonstrate that you have read the book, given it some serious thought in light of our course content, and reflected the lessons learned from the book.

book report