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business communication

business communication.

I’m working on a Powerpoint question and need guidance to help me study.

Prepare powerpoint slides on ONE of the topics provided below.

1.The 7 Elements of the Speech Communication Process

– Include and explain the complete cycle of the Communication Process Model when one person communicates with another, including a brief description of each of the 7 elements of speech process.

2. The Types of Non-verbal Communication

-Choose 4 types of nonverbal communication and explain

how each of this nonverbal communication could enhance human interaction between one another.

3. A video resume introducing yourself to your future employer. Include:-

-introduction of yourself (background)

– your qualification ( tailor your strength to the job)

– your past experiences that benefitted the job applied – the values you will be able to bring to the company. – closing

Important notes:

1. Please include the student’s name and student ID at the beginning of the slides.

2. Submit the soft copy of the powerpoint slides via a Turnitin file with the name “Business Communication Replacement Assignment May 2020”, under the “PP Slides” tab.

3. Ensure the plagiarism index does not exceed 20%

4. Students will have to prepare a ppt presentation between

5-10 slides and not more than 10 slides.

business communication