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Can you help with part 1 and 2?

Can you help with part 1 and 2?.

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Part 1

List two biblical references that deal with God’s plan for a response to conflict. What is your advice to a Christian leader when conflict arises? Do you expect to find yourself more often in the role of one causing conflict, being the victim of conflict, or a peacemaker in the midst of conflict? How will this affect your ability to be effective in ministry? Does being a leader automatically mean you will likely create conflict even when you do not mean to?

Part 2

Relate from your experience an illustration of how a defined vision led to effective change OR how an unclear vision led to conflict within a church or other ministry group. What were the results to the ministry? How did the issues get resolved or are they still unresolved? What are you learning that could be applied to your illustration to bring about a positive future within that ministry?

Can you help with part 1 and 2?