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case Questions

case Questions.

I’m working on a Marketing exercise and need support.

12 point – single spaced – try to keep it at 1 page double side or maximum 3 pages proper paragraphs (no just few words paragraphs). You need to address EVERY part of the question. Please type your answer as well.

In a paragraph format, answer all components of the following questions:

you will find the questions in the attached document.

here is the instruction (tips) for each question.

1-…. Identify as many factors- details are important here

2- … you must go through each and identify if it foreseeable or controllable.



5- (Answer for France and for China separately)


7- (provide reasoning)

8-You must identify good reasoning for each location (6 points)

9-Operational implications means would business be run different or get affected in HongKong and Eurodisney .

case Questions