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Change Management Best Practices

Change Management Best Practices.

I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.

Periods of transition provide challenging times for most organizations. Whether it is a change in leadership, a department merger, or starting a new program/initiative, employees crave structure, knowledge, and security in their roles. When transitions occur leaders should consider the right approach and best practices in change management.

Prior to posting in this discussion forum, explore “change management best practices” and identify 2-3 best practices to reflect on. Respond in the forum on how these practices will drive productivity during transitional times, provide stability and vision, and/or adapt to challenges as they arise.

Reflect on a time that you were part of an organization that experienced challenges that necessitated change. Do you feel the managers used change management practices; how did these practices help/hinder the situation? (You can make it up)

Thanks in advance!

Change Management Best Practices