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Chapter 3 extra credit assignment

Chapter 3 extra credit assignment.

I’m studying for my Marketing class and need an explanation.

Please read chapter three before working on this assignment. Quality is more important than quantity, so do the best of your abilities to produce a complete and substantive assignment.

You may need to tap or click the Play button to begin video.

  1. Watch the following video: People stuffed onto a train in Tokyo, Japan (train stuffing Tokyo)
    a. How do you think a visitor from suburban America would act and feel on this crowded Tokyo train?
    b. How would you personally feel and act on this crowded situation taking into account your own culture?
  2. Watch the following video and if necessary research information about material and nonmaterial culture: Así son las chivas en Colombia, buses escalera.a. Describe all the material components of culture as illustrated in the video.
    b. Describe all the nonmaterial components of culture as illustrated in the video
  3. Chapter three has several examples of the negative impact of self -reference criterion on international marketing. Find threeother concrete and distinct examples.
  4. The following excerpt comes from our ibook: “Tolerance for cultural differences is crucial in international marketing. Tolerance is understanding cultural differences and accepting and working with others whose behaviors may be different from yours. You do not have to accept as your own the cultural ways of another, but you must allow others to be different and equal.” Describe a personal situation where you were or should have been tolerant in dealing with a cultural problem.

Chapter 3 extra credit assignment