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Chapter 8 – Journal Assignment

Chapter 8 – Journal Assignment.

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Chapter 8 Journal

Part One:

  1. Give a personal example of how you have used each of the types of ineffective listening from the text. Focus on your listening in the following contexts: work, school, and with friends and family. These examples should reflect specific incidents, not just general tendencies.
  • Pseudo-Listening
  • Stage-Hogging
  • Selective Listening
  • Insulated Listening
  • Defensive Listening
  • Ambushing
  • Insensitive Listening

Part Two:

  1. Based on the examples above, and comments which may have been made to you by others, how do you rate yourself as a mindful listener?
  2. Which of the challenges of listening better (see textual discussion) would be the most helpful for making you a better listener?
  3. Explain and provide examples.

Chapter 8 – Journal Assignment