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Child Development Theories Class

Child Development Theories Class.

I need an explanation for this English question to help me study.

Write a brief reflection on the video of Piaget. Be sure to include any new or useful information that you learned. Lastly, discuss how the video related to your readings?

Three paragraphs required and be sure to reference the video and article posted on Canvas. Please be detailed in your response (you need to be able to demonstrate that you actually watched the full video and read the article)

I posted the link to the video below here:

The link to the article is not letting me attach it here because it is saying that “the file is too big”, but the name of the article is “Cognition Piaget’s Theory”. It is 32 pages long. I don’t know how else to attach it, maybe you can find it online or let me know a way I can send it over to you by email.

Child Development Theories Class