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communication discussion

Respond to the following prompt:

Watch the following TED video: “5 ways to listen better,” by Julian Treasure (9 min.)

What is active listening, and why is it important in phone conferences?

Requirements for receiving credit for the post:

  • Prepare a 200-300-word response.
  • Provide examples from your own experience.
  • Avoid plagiarism. If quoting from the textbook, please use quotation marks and include references in parentheses: (Cardone, 2018, p. #).


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communication discussion

communication discussion.

I’m studying for my Communications class and need an explanation.

So, what should you post? Please address the questions below. Note that your primary post of approximately 250-350 words

  • During these pressing times, what relationships have you found yourself developing on social media or the Internet in general.
  • What are the pros and cons of online communication when forming and maintaining relationships?
  • What have you learned from these relationships and how has it influenced your everyday life?
  • Do perceive others as relating to you in the same way as before?

communication discussion