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Complete English Essay 2 500WORDS (ASU)

Complete English Essay 2 500WORDS (ASU).

I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

De Crèvecoeur, Douglass, Rowlandson. Essay Response #2

Choose one of the following and write a 500-750 word essay. Be sure to employ a thesis with supporting evidence from the text itself. You may paraphrase from the text and also quote from the text. I very much prefer you do not use outside sources to indicate what critics have said; instead, discuss the works giving your thoughts and your opinion . When you quote from the text in our anthology, you do not need to give the page number. Double-space your essay, use Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12. Attach your essay, written in Word, and email me your essay using the course email by the due date. That’s enough instructions! 

Required Texts:

The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Ninth Edition, volumes A and B (Beginnings to 1820 and 1820-1865, respectively). Info from ASU Bookstore:Norton Anth of Amer Lit (Set: Vol A&B), Edition: 9th, ISBN: 9780393264548,Author: Levine, Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company.

Complete English Essay 2 500WORDS (ASU)