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Complete Essay 1 for English Course (ASU)

Complete Essay 1 for English Course (ASU).

I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

Essay1+Checklist:For your diagnostic essay,pleasewatchthis20-minute video and then write an essay in which you discuss how what you and/or your family are eating may affect your health (You can also find the link under the Week 2 module. The link is named “Essay 1 Topic Video”.)

YouressaymustbeinMicrosoftWordformatandmustcontainfive paragraphs (introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion).

a. Itmustcontainatotalof300-350words(nofewer,nomore).Every 1-50-word deviation below or above the allotted word count will result in partial credit only (one grade deduction for each increment). I (Microsoft Word) will count the words between the first word of the introduction and the last word of the conclusion.

b. FormatyourMicrosoftWorddocument(nootherformatswillbe accepted) based on the “Formatting Documents in MLA” handout and the short video posted in the Week 2 module.

c. UsetheChecklist(seetheWeek2module)toeliminateasmany mistakes as you can.

d. SubmittheChecklistasaseparatedocumentinthesameassignment dropbox where you submit your essay. Failure to submit the Checklist will result in the loss of two grades. (When you open the document, you will find instructions on how to fill in the document.)

Dr. Underwood, English 1102 Syllabus 11

e. Yourpapershouldbeaserrorfreeaspossibleandwrittenatthe college level with suitable vocabulary and sentence structures. Each mistake I found in your paper will affect your grade, so please edit and proofread your work carefully over few days.

f. See the “Writing Center and Smarthinking” section of the Syllabus for information on how to get an additional 5 points on all your papers.

g. Pleasenotethattheplagiarism-detectionsoftwareisturnedonfor this assignment. You can check your own score via the “Originality Score” dropbox. NOTE: The originality score of any assignment in this class CANNOT exceed 25

Complete Essay 1 for English Course (ASU)