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Complete the following discussion post

Complete the following discussion post.

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

Finding and Retaining Talent

In Quarter 2 of the simulation, one of your goals is to seek employee insights to improve firm performance. In Quarter 3 of the simulation you will be looking at the results of the first Employee Survey. As you grow your company in the marketplace simulation, you will be devoting time, energy and resources to recruiting and retaining top talent.

For this Discussion, think about the recruitment and retention strategy that you will need to develop for your simulation company. You are faced with some daunting challenges as a leader in a growing international organization, which may include but not be limited to;

  • Leading multiple generations in the workplace with differing wants and needs,
  • Growing global organization with cultures that have differing expectations, and
  • Budgetary constraints that you need to be aware of when looking to recruit and retain

Main response

  • What are the challenges leaders will face in finding and retaining great employees? Are there differences culturally, generationally or demographically? Include research from at least 3 academically credible sources.
    • Reality Check – Does the research reflect you as an employee? Conduct research on what an employer needs to do from a retention perspective to keep you as an employee.
    • Which of the generation categories, as listed in Pita’s article from this week’s reading and any other sources you uncover in your research are you most closely aligned with?
    • What were the results of the values exercise you completed for the Unit 1 discussion question?
    • Based on the answers to the 2 questions above, what are the essential elements you would require from an employer to retain you? Why?
  • How diverse is your workplace? Think about each employee completing an exercise like this and the impact it has on retention? How does this self-analysis give you an insight into the difficulties you identified in your research?

Complete the following discussion post