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Computer science assignment

Computer science assignment.

I’m trying to learn for my Computer Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

This assignment consists of three problems worth a total of 160 points. 60 points are used for edit credits. So you may receive up to 6 points in your final weighted total.

  1. Java GUI Test Automation Using JfcUnit (60 points)

Write test code for testing the given VendingMachine program through its GUI, i.e., the vendingGUI class. The tests must cover each kind of coins (NICKEL, DIME, QUARTER, DOLLAR), each kind of drinks (COFFEE, JUICE, SODA) and each event (Insert Coin, Return Coins, and Purchase). You may run to get familiar with the GUI. You should not modify the given source code unless absolutely required.

Submit the following artifacts: (a) the source code of the entire VendingMachine project including your test code so that the grader can run your code, (b) an explanation about how your tests have met the above requirements. In case you have modified the source code, provide a justification why your modification is required. (c) a video clip that shows the execution of your test code and execution results. To receive the credit, your test code must be executable without error.

  1. Web Test Automation Using Selenium Webdriver (60 points)

Write test code to automate the following online shopping session at There is no need to login to your amazon account, so please don’t provide your account information. You may choose any programming language supported by Selenium Webdriver.

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the book “A friendly introduction to software testing”
  3. Click on the link “A friendly introduction to software testing”


  1. Click on “paperback”


  1. Click on “Add to Cart”


  1. Click on “Cart”


  1. Change “Qty 1” to “Qty 0 (delete)”


Submit the following artifacts: (a) the complete source code of your test that uses Selenium Webdriver, (b) an explanation about the code snippet for each step in the above shopping session, and (c) a video clip that shows the execution of your test code and execution results.

  1. Combinatorial Testing

Download the ACTS tool from Canvas and uses its default IPOG method to generate combinatorial tests for the following problems.

  1. 3.1.ISBN10 (20 points)

In a valid ISBN-10 number, each of the first 9 characters is a digit (i.e., 0-9) and the 10th character is a digit or X (i.e., 0-10). Use ACTS to determine the numbers of 2-way and 3-way combinations. Submit the following: (a) the numbers of 2-way and 3-way combinations, (b) the screenshots of the results reported by ACTS.

  1. 3.2.Pizza Ordering (20 points)

The following table shows some of the options for customizing a pizza at For simplicity, here we pick only one value for each variable.

Computer science assignment