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Content Assignment Negotiation Marketing

Content Assignment Negotiation Marketing.

Help me study for my Marketing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

i wanted to use Tom Brady for an example

Part II

Parties (involved):

– Tom Brady Camp (Tom Brady, His Agent, Family)

-Interests (good/productive roster around him, money/security, contract length, location near family, power/control over team play calling and roster moves)

– NE Patriots Camp (Bill Belichik {coach}, Kraft Family {owners})

-Had to Offer- Proven winning system, prestige of the Patriots

-Familiarity (Brady spent his whole career with Patriots)

-Also familiar with offensive system with team

– Other NFL Teams (Las Vegas Raiders, LA Chargers, Tenn Titans, others)

-Had to Offer – Popular landmark cities (LA, Las Vegas)

-Money/Contract (some were believed to be offering much higher then Patriots)

– Tampa Bay Bucs Camp (Bruce Arienes {coach}, Owners)

-Had to Offer – Good Offensive Weapons, Solid Roster

-Power to control roster moves, and run offense (would be given to Brady)

-Location (east coast city, closer to NYC/his family then other west coast cities)

-Money/Contract – willing to offer 2 years at 25 million a year (gives Brady safety of guarantee contract for 2 years)

-Head Coach Likeability (Bruce Areienes was huge reason for TB going to TB)

Content Assignment Negotiation Marketing