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Continuation of the essay

Continuation of the essay.

Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Hello friend , i have two more short papers that are in continuation of my topic ! My topic was “The Center for Family Policy and Practice’s organization.” The website is . Under this paragraph will be the video module and the description of my topic again !

Overview of Local Legislation and Close to Home

“This profited organization’s mission focuses on conducting policy research, public education, technical assistance and etc. all faced by and directed towards low income , never-married families, in order to create a family fatherhood policy. Some of the organizations primary goals in reaching and maintaining the aid in helping families are to change dialogue about economic security to include the perspectives of parents who may not live with their children and to also support racial equity and safety from violence and abuse. They provide education and information on the need for comprehensive social services in low income communities which addresses issues in which these families face. Anything from poverty to discrimination are some of the things certain families face. This organization has many links and opportunities to find out more information on the work they commit to do in regards to low income families and etc.

This is what needs to be done!

Using the NYC City Council Bill Search website (, find NYC legislation related to your topic. This legislation does not have to be law; it can be a bill that has been introduced in recent sessions.

In a 1-2-page (double-spaced) summary, describe the bill (including who sponsored or co-sponsored the bill) and how it relates to children/youth. Explain how this bill reflects the role of local legislation (answering this question requires watching the overview of local legislation video in the module). Include a reference to the bill number, date, and title.

Additionally, create an argument for why this bill should pass and an argument for why this bill should not pass. (If you are struggling to think about an argument against the bill, I recommend beginning with brainstorming the public resources necessary to pass the bill and then thinking about where else those resources may be needed. Often legislation is passed with concern to public spending or limited resources.)

Finally, tell the reader whether you would vote for the bill and why (or why not).

Using Google’s case law search function (, find a case on your topic. The case may be from any state, federal circuit, or the US Supreme Court.

In a 1-2-page summary, describe the general issue in the case. (You do not have to go into the details on the legal analysis, just let the reader know very generally what the case is about and how it relates to your topic.) Explain how the issue in the case impacts children/youth in relation to your topic and how state laws may be impacted (such as mandatory JLWOP as an example in the module video). At the end of the summary, briefly share how you would decide the case if you were the judge writing the opinion.

Continuation of the essay