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Create a Annotated Bibliography

Create a Annotated Bibliography.

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  • Formatting: Use MLA-style formatting (see sample) and include the following.
    • Three correctly formatted MLA Citations
    • Three corresponding annotations, including at least two academic journal articles for this part of the assignment.
  • Annotations: An annotated bibliography includes a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources. Your annotations must do the following.
    1. Summarize the source. What are the main arguments? What is the point of this book or article?
    2. Assess the source. Is the information reliable? Is this source biased or objective? What is the goal of this source?
    3. Reflect on the source’s usefulness to your research paper. How do you plan to use this source in your research project?

**For further tips on how to write an annotation, see:

Sample citation and annotation:

Annotated Bibliography

Dolby, Nadine. “Community College Makeover.” Social Work and Society: The International Journal, vol. 6, no. 2, 2008, Accessed 20 May 2017.

This article focuses on the weakening of “open access to higher education in California” and the changes a state task force is proposing to transform the way community colleges are run, hopefully making them more efficient and fair. While the author agrees that some of these proposed changes are necessary, such as revoking registration priority to students who have taken 100 units or more, he or she also sees the problems in the task force’s recommendations, such as the lack of funding to implement these changes and the rigidity in the academic plans students would be forced to make. The goal of this source is to educate readers about the proposed changes to California community colleges and to critique the changes that would harm instead of helping students. The author is fair in his or her assessment of the task force’s proposed changes but does have a definite argument in favor of open access education. Also, the article would be more effective if he or she had used more data to support the argument. This source has helped me understand the problems facing community colleges in much more depth and will be useful to my paper because of its thoroughness in relating the changes the task force proposes.


Create a Annotated Bibliography