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criminal justice policy process

criminal justice policy process.

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1. Respond to the following in 75 words, proper grammar, in text citations, references

Both symbolic policies and substantive polices refer to policy making relating to an issue. These policies can include: gun control, gun control, plea bargaining, and the death penalty. Symbolic policies have very little impact on citizens and relate to regulations and policies. According to Marion & Farmer, symbolic policies fail to provide any substantial difference, benefit, or reward (Marion & Farmer, 2003). Substantive policies on the other hand, usually have a lasting effect on all citizens. It is an advisory method to inform the public of an agency’s approach, procedures, and methods which are used. The relationship between ideology and public policy is usually influence. Not every citizen will have the same beliefs therefore, it is important to understand the needs of the community when making policies. With public policy, the government can do what they want. Public policies are influenced by numerous factors to include: the economy, public opinion, business lobbying, and politicians.

2. Respond to the following in 75 words, proper grammar, in text citations, references

Substantive policies affect the political system in a particular way. They tend to deal with the Government choices and issues with the Government and the political system.

Political ideology and public policy is fiscal spending within the Government or agency. Fiscal spending has to be voted within the Government and how they manage the spending there for the year. This usually happens in October for the following year, this includes the time when the Government can shut down because they can’t agree with funding for the following year. This has happened the past few years, and all Government employees seem to be affected by this and don’t get paid while in furlough.

criminal justice policy process