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After reading chapter 12: Search identity theft on the internet. Locate a story from someone who has had their identity stolen. Note the main points from story and based on the material in this chapter respond to the following:

1- what is the classification of this crime (refer to the key terms)

2- what makes people vulnerable to this type of crime?

3- is this crime gender or ethnic specific?

4- what are some tips in avoiding identity theft?

Utilize sources, in-text citations, and a reference section. Responses are due Sunday by 5pm. Responses are no mandatory, but encouraged to boost your grade!

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Reading Assignment:

Chapters 1 and 2 in the Bartol Text

Written Assignment:

1.In a 3 – 5 page paper (not including title, abstract and references) including a minimum of 2 references, list and define the three perspectives of human nature. Explain the developmental approach to delinquency and criminal behavior, utilizing each of these perspectives.

2.Define status offenses and identify at least five different types of status offenses. Explain the impact of status offenses on juvenile offending, along with the role of the serious delinquent.