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dance thearpy

dance thearpy.

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DAN 291 Summer A 2020

Topic for your research should be specific. Ex: Dance Therapy and Victims of Trauma should be narrowed to age, children or adults, and what kind of trauma, domestic violence, war, sexual assault, homelessness, etc. Clearly state what you are investigating, your question, supporting information, and conclusion-what you think about what you learned. (60 pts)

Sources must be from scholarly articles. Minimum of three sources. Sources must be cited. Direct quotations must be cited. APA format preferred. (20 pts)

Papers should be 3-4 pages in length doubled spaced with 12 pt font and regular margins. No headings. Diagrams or charts will be counted as an extra page in addition to your writing. (20 pts)

You must use scholarly articles for your research.

These journals can be used for the papers, presentations, and projects that are due. They are available as e-journals from Richter library.

  • American Journal of Dance Therapy
  • Journal of Arts in Psychotherapy
  • Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy: An International Journal for Theory, Research and Practice

Other Resources include Dance Movement Therapy Master’s Theses:

If you find other resources, you may check with me to see if you can use them. There are often articles in Journals for Nursing, Social Work, and Counseling.

Also books with dance therapy articles:

The Art and Science of Dance/Movement Therapy – Life is a Dance Edited by Sharon Chaiklin and Hilda Wengrower (on reserve in library)

Dance and Other Expressive Art Therapies When Words are not Enough Edited by Fran J. Levy (on reserve in library)

An Introduction to Medical Dance Therapy: Healthcare in Motion by Sharon Goodill (on reserve in the library)

Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies: theory and Practice edited by Laury Rappaport.

dance thearpy