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Decision making 1 page

Decision making 1 page.

I need support with this Philosophy question so I can learn better.

post will follow a three-part structure: 1) an opening quote 2) a critical reflection flowing from the quote 3) an open-ended question raised by the reflection This pattern reflects a common set of moves made in scholarly discourse. That is, scholarly discourse generally begins with the acknowledgement of what others have said on a topic and then one adds their own thoughts. Graff and Birkenstein (2018) describe this discourse pattern as they say/I say. • post should be approximately 300 (maximum) words, excluding the opening quote, discussion question, and concluding discussion question • post must cite at least two course readings, lectures, or forum posts(True North). •References to course content or other texts must follow APA citation standards • posts should be clearly and concisely written and contain no APA/spelling/grammatical errors

Decision making 1 page