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Demographic research

Demographic research.

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Prior to the development of strategies to implement in the educational setting, it is important to understand the makeup of the participants for your AR proposal through a description of the demographics of your study.

On the Action Research Proposal template, Click for more options

the demographics section is comprised of three subsections: Demographic Data, Target Group, and Baseline Data.

Answer the questions for each subsection below in a paragraph.

Demographic Data

  • Where/what is the research site?
  • Who is directly involved?
  • What statistics will give a clear understanding of the context and culture of the research site?

Target Group

  • Who are the students you are trying to impact?
  • How do you think this strategy or content focus will benefit the target group?

Baseline Data

  • What are the baseline data that support your choice for this area of focus?
  • What patterns or trends do you see in the data?
  • What is your proof that an issue exists in this focus area?


  • Do not use names as identifiers for the research site or participants. Please also take care to be vague with details of your geographic site (e.g. a large urban city in the northeast rather than saying Boston). Finally, be conscious of the use of the place name or district name in any research references that you include for the data you are sharing. For example, if you consult the U.S. census data, please do not provide a link that includes the location name but rather include the link to the larger census database. For further information on how to cite confidential sources, please see this FAQ
  • You may not depend solely on standardized test scores as your baseline data.
  • You will be using this discussion to get feedback from your peers before you submit this as part of your final project for the Action Research Project. Please make sure to give thoughtful, meaningful feedback as well.

Demographic research