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Describe one of the Psychedelic Art works

Describe one of the Psychedelic Art works.

Help me study for my Art & Design class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

by using this image: ( Including the appropriate scholarly source in the assignment )

  • Paragraph #1: Describe what you see in the work of art. I suggest starting in one corner and working your way around the art work. Try to describe every detail you see. Refer to the vocabulary of art page to help with your description (although you do not need to include any set amount of vocabulary terms).
  • Paragraph #2: Discuss your reaction to the work. How does it make you feel? Why? Refer to the details in paragraph #1 to explain why your feel this way.
  • Paragraph #3: Research your chosen work and find one scholarly source about this work. Do not include biographical information about the artist or cite Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia site. If you are unsure of your website, please ask to confirm it is acceptable. This is the only discussion you are to do research on. You must include the URL to the website. In this paragraph, explain what the research tells you about this work. How does it change or not change your reaction to the work?

Describe one of the Psychedelic Art works