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Descriptive And Analytic Epidemiology (BHS210)

Descriptive And Analytic Epidemiology (BHS210).

Can you help me understand this Health & Medical question?

This assignments has two parts.

Part 1. Write a descriptive epidemiological analysis of the following diseases: Lyme disease or Malaria.

Describe the basic epidemiological patterns of this health condition by person, place, and time.

Part 2 You are a Health Officer for a rural county health department and have been assigned to study the frequency of an infectious disease such as tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS. write an essay in which you do the following:

1. Describe observational and experimental epidemiology as the two (2) study designs apply to either of the diseases you have chosen. Be sure to identify differences between these two types of analytic epidemiology.

2. Under what conditions will you conduct a case-control study as opposed to a cohort study?

Length 3-4 pages excluding title page and references

Descriptive And Analytic Epidemiology (BHS210)