Chapter 8 DiscussionChapter 8 Discussion

Part 1:

Regarding Technology in society today, as with any improvement to human society, not everyone has equal access. Technology, in particular, often creates changes that lead to ever greater inequalities. In short, the gap gets wider faster. This technological stratification has led to a new focus on ensuring better access for all. There are two forms of technological stratification.

Please describe the following two forms of technological stratification:

Digital Divide
Knowledge Gap and E-readiness
With your definition, give at least two or three examples of each of these that you have experienced or have seen related to others.

Also, mention how you use technology in your life and what it would be like without it – phones, tablets, social media, etc.

Part 2:

Discuss how the concepts of digital divide and knowledge gap have affected:

1. YOU as a student

2. Children going to school during this pandemic