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Discussion board Question snd repsonses

Discussion board Question snd repsonses.

Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1. Choose your favorite image from all of the poems we have read so far. Write a short (five sentences or so) explanation of what the image is, what poem it’s from, and why you like it. Consider the author’s craft – what choices did he or she make that made this image stand out to you?

For this discussion board, you may certainly use first person. Do not consult outside sources.

You are required to respond to two classmates, in two-to-three sentence responses that validate (agreement or understanding + reasons and explanation) or inquire (ask positive questions + explain your interest or curiosity).

Posts due by 11:59pm Friday, 6/19

2. Repsond to 2 peers (Tell me the names of who yoou responded to so I can check it)

Discussion board Question snd repsonses