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Discussion Board response

Discussion Board response.

I don’t understand this Marketing question and need help to study.

Assume that a multi-specialty medical group has decided to segment the market in the community by income level. The group has decided to target a small niche of middle-aged, white-collar professionals who are married, with both spouses working outside the home. Discuss how this medical group might tailor its marketing mix to appeal to this segment.

450 words and contain at least 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed references, in addition to the course textbook, and 1 instance of biblical integration. The references must be cited within each reply and cannot be repeated from the thread or in any other reply. PLEASE USE 7TH EDITION APA FORMATING

discuss the similarities or differences in your findings and other pertinent information. Respectfully discuss any differences you find and why you believe your conclusions are correct

Discussion Board response